Selling Coins and Gold at Gorny & Mosch

Gorny & Mosch has specialised in coins and medals from ancient, medieval and modern times since 1970. With us, you are in professional hands if you wish to sell your collection or even an individual item. You can send in your coins as consignments at any time - we are always looking for interesting items. We can guarantee that your coins will be professionally processed and published in high quality in our catalogues that reach a large, international customer base. This customer base is continually increased due to our presence on important international stock exchanges.

Optimum selling opportunities

We have one of the best customer files that there is worldwide. This precondition enables us to guarantee that your items will sell well. Coins estimated at over EUR 200 are auctioned off individually. We also include coins of poorer quality in our auctions and auction these off as lots which usually fetch good prices.

Your advantages

  • Fair and objective valuation of your coins and  your gold stock
  • Professional processing of your coins
  • High-quality publication of your items in our catalogues
  • Ideal selling opportunities due to international clientele
  • Simple and secure settlement of the sale of your coins
  • No fees for unsold coins